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Solving challenges in organizations with strategic & creative thinking

Strategy, Technology, People & Project management 

Accelerated solutions with
facilitated workshops

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For Change Management Help

Make change happen quickly and successfully

What are your challenges?



Where to next & how to get there?

If you are asking the big questions or want to set a clear direction and build a plan for the right path...

Technology & Process


Does your technology help or hinder you?

If you want a roadmap for your technology to support your strategic plan.

People Strategy & Team Building

Are my people with me?

Find the issues and get them on board.

Empower your people and lead them.

Getting it done with Project


Make change happen faster?

If you just want to get it done, get it right and you need expert in project management....

Other Services

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"Project Success: So I wanted to let you know the team DID IT!  They have come so far and were ready for the audit.  They lifted their team from an average QA score of 75% to a consistent pass rate of 97%.  We kicked off phase II of the project plan a few weeks ago and the team leader thinks he will be “bored” when this plan is complete.  

They have an all day celebration planned and it is truly phenomenal the transformation that has occurred.  They now know that with discipline they can do it.

The change from the 2 week workshop was not immediate but gradual and sustainable."


Insights from Ben

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