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IT Strategy

Technology and process alignment


Does your technology help or hinder you?

Could it be better?

Are you thinking of scaling your business and want to carefully consider your technology options for the future?

What is the best mix that will help your people and the entire enterprise meet the current and future requirements... and lighten the load?

How to plan your technology purchases with business goals in mind to create an IT Strategy that works for you.

I will analyze the current portfolio of technology and identify gaps and work with your team to develop an optimized solution for growth and a least-cost technology portfolio to achieve your goals faster and more effectively.


Or help you get more value from the technology you have right now. 

Get independent, trusted advice about your technology from a technology maven.

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Break out from technology that limits you

Successful outcomes in technology and process alignment. 

  • Strategic in technology alignment

  • Technology roadmap that enables growth

  • Reduced cost of technology that support strategic initiatives

  • Streamlined information access:

    • Improves collaboration to deliver faster, better solutions

    • Improves and lowers training costs due to knowledge management

    • Helps attract and retain employees and customers

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Data Centers

Data Center M&A Research


If you are considering a merger or acquisition of a data center and need to find out the lay of the land before investing, Ben can help.

Research into data centers and the current client base of the future merger or acquisition is critical to determine how the data center with fit into your current portfolio.

This primary research requires someone who knows the right questions, understands the answers of this very technical field and more importantly be able communicate at the board level the implications for the acquiring company.


Ben has the depth of knowledge and experience to get this right and remove some of the risks with this venture. 

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Successful outcomes doing research for data center merger and acquisitions 

  • Identify customer retention probability post acquisition

  • Possible threats that may impact M&A success

  • Issues that needed to be addressed in the M&A transition plan and in the future.

  • Customer satisfaction with current services

  • Confirmation or identification of opportunities likely to be created by the merger or acquisition.

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