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Governments work differently does OPS


If there is one thing I have learned in my years of working with different levels of governments and higher education, it is that they are very different to business - solutions that work for business do not necessarily work for government. 

The constraints and challenges faced by these organizations demand a different approach. I have worked with many different departments to achieve successful project outcomes from more efficient government, change management, project management and collaboration between departments to facilitating improved leadership.




work better for less

Ken Miller

(Author of Extreme Government Makeover:

Increasing our capacity to do more good 

We Don't Make Widgets:

Overcoming the myths that keep government

from radically improving)


"I've watched the Colorado Lean Program with delight. While other states have jumped on fads or tried to cut corners, Colorado has embraced

a mindset, a strategy and a method that allows it to systematically deliver better value to taxpayers.


They are doing the right thing - fixing the processes of government, the right way - by engaging the hearts and minds of employees, for the right reason - to make government work for the citizens of Colorado. I hope you will commend the amazing results they have accomplished and then challenge them to do even more.

- I guarantee they are up for it."


Successfully working with government

  • Customer Experience Vision

  • Project Design, Development & Oversight

  • Aligning with Best practice

  • Process Improvement

  • Cross Functional Collaboration

  • Lean

  • Design and Facilitation of Workshops

  • Program and project management

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"In addition to striking rules and regulations, we are making government work more efficiently.  Nothing illustrates the case better than our work with the Lean process.”
— Governor Hickenlooper, State of the State Address.

Now Senator Hickenlooper

Interactive iBook on Lean in Colorado State Government


In 2014 Ben co-authored an interactive iBook with several colleagues in Colorado State Government that highlights how we helped state employees begin to focus on customers and operational excellence. It's a long road but one well worth traveling.

The Report is titled State of Colorado Lean Program Office Progress Report: Pursuing Effective, Efficient and Elegant Government Services and is available for free in the Apple iBook Store. Please email Ben if you would like a PDF Version of this iBook. 

Government testimonies
State Government clients' testimonies about the lean improvement programs

  • A result of the new investigation process at DORA “represents an essential elimination of backlog, which has not happened in over a decade.”

  • "...we have come more miles in 3 days than we would have alone in 3 months...”

  • "...I’ve been a state employee for 15 years and I’ve never felt this empowered...”

  • "...everyone left the event, however, nothing short of amazed at the productive change that was accomplished...”

  • "Overall I just can't wait to learn and apply more Lean principles and tools.  This is amazingly refreshing!"

  • "...the project has already facilitated substantial improvements in our offices...”

  • "The success of the event also had a very positive impact on all staff and managers involved who are all now, supporters of the Lean methodology and are anxious to continue to identify opportunities and execute improvements."

  • "I'm excited to get such training for one of our team members to enable us to more aggressively implement a continuous Lean culture here."

  • "We have been encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ and challenge the sacred cows in our process.  It’s gratifying to see the changes we’ve suggested be adopted.”

  • "This process empowered me personally to know that I’ve had a hand in changing for the better what was thought to be an unchangeable process.”

  • "...the project has already facilitated substantial improvements in our offices...”

  • "When you are introduced to another process that is meant to streamline government and eliminate waste, you nod politely and expect that new meetings will be added to your calendar.  When you listen to other government employees touting the benefits of the process, your interest is piqued.  But, when you hear long-tenured state employees express overwhelming support, you hop on the train."

  • "Initial results...are exciting! Instead of weeks (for a previously paper and manual process), it only took 3 hours."

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