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Team Building &

High performing teams

Leading people & building teams


Getting the buy-in of your people to share your vision or work hard to implement the plan is a challenge for most leaders.

Developing high functioning teams, cross functional collaboration, and people passionate about the vision who buy into the solution starts early in the process.

I have been highly successful at engaging people from the start and getting results from the strategic planning process, change management to IT strategy implementation.

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Getting your people on board

Successful outcomes in creating high performing teams 

  • Workshop Facilitation for vision development, business objectives, goals, and tactics

  • Creating team objectives and buy-in

  • Cross Functional Collaboration

  • Improving Team Dynamics

  • Building teams passionate about the vision

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"Let's workshop it"'s not as simple as it sounds


I do workshops differently to ensure value for the time your people spend together.

It is all in the preparation; I spend time, in collaboration with team leaders and participants, to understand the issues of all stakeholders BEFORE we get together.


I am adept at extracting the value through well facilitated workshops that are engaging, bring the great ideas to the top, ensure active listening, and avoid the group think that often does not illicit the best solution. 

I have facilitated teams from small groups of 5 to large, diverse groups of over 100, successfully bringing together people with different motivations to achieve optimal outcomes.

Through my facilitated workshops clients have accomplished everything from solving single issue mission critical problems to creating a new vision, a new strategy, or incredible actionable plans that get the results needed. 


Bring the best ideas to the top

Successful outcomes in Facilitated Workshops 

  • Coming soon

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