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Optimal Performance & Strategy is a management consulting practice led by Ben Neivert.

  • When I meet or talk to you I do not have any hidden agendas.  I endeavor to understand your challenges and I am not tied to any preordained cookie-cutter solutions that make it easier for me.

  • I bring a wide range of tools, creativity and over 25 years of knowledge and experience to your unique situation to create a solution that fits.  I am completely independent having no business relationships with any external solution providers so I will always recommend the best solution for you.

  • You will have an opportunity to get to know me and my approach and I work on the project myself delivering what I propose meaning you won't be working with an unvetted, junior consultant that you have to manage to get what you want.  

  • I only promise what I know I can deliver and for project work you know up front exactly what it will cost.

  • My focus is on helping you succeed; I am always about making it happen and not just giving you a glossy folder with a plan that sits on your shelf.​


Ben Neivert

Ben is as comfortable and effective at talking and working with people at board and senior executive (CXO) levels as he is talking and working with the frontline or shop-floor staff; a critical skill in understanding your culture, challenges, capabilities and vision.​​


He has solved problems for nearly 100 organizations.

More About Ben: 


Ben has delivered strategic and creative solutions to business and government organizations all around the world for nearly thirty years.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in vision development, strategy development, strategic planning, change management, operations management, facilitation, technology planning and technology deployment.

Ben has delivered marked improvements in customer experience, profitability and organizational efficiency by working with client teams to:

  • Develop a vision for the best customer experience and a strategy to get there

  • Align with best practice

  • Improve operational performance and technology deployment 

  • Design, develop and oversee highly effective projects and implementation plans to make it happen

  • Facilitate the planning process through energetic, well planned and engaging workshops. These workshops promoted collaboration by people from diverse backgrounds, often developed high functioning teams who were passionate about the vision and who bought into the solutions

  • Accelerate change through effective planning and change management.

The results of his work with clients include developing high performance leadership teams, identifying opportunities worth over $100 million, improvements to net income of over $20 million; aligning operations, technology and strategy to achieve significant advantage in the marketplace; and developing and executing a strategic planning process.

Ben has an MBA from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and an Associate Degree in Commerce, both from the Florida Institute of Technology. He was a member of the Adjunct Faculty at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, where he lectured in operations and technology management.
For Ben's LinkedIn profile click here 

Sue Stapleton


Sue has a proven record of sound judgment and operational and financial acumen, and an acute awareness of small business challenges. She has a proactive, enthusiastic approach to getting things done and a proven ability to listen to your needs and work with you to 'keep it happening'. Mixing her strong offline marketing background with digital marketing skills, she is always researching and learning new tools that can help business.​

  • Website design, Search engine optimization (SEO), analytics

  • Research, and selection of marketing digital tools and technology adoption

  • Marketing strategy, process improvement and implementation

  • Budget and project management

  • Critical thinking and problem solving 

  • Social media


Sue has a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing and a Masters in Management - majoring in Operations and Marketing.

For more information about Sue Stapleton go to her website

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